EpicPost™ on hold, in the meantime...

I don't seem to be making time to write an epic post to catch up on everything for the last several months, so instead, I'll just update for right now, and fill in later.  Been doing biking with Tony, Wes, Ben, and sometimes Jason and Nate.  As well as various trips to the driving range this summer, and one actual round of golf.  A couple nights of sitting around the fire here at the lake with everyone.

Last Saturday night, Wes and I met Kayle and his girlfriend at Eaton Theater to see Pirates of Caribbean 2, was good stuff, though waiting for the next one is annoying.

Last Sunday, Tony, Ben, and I went to Fort Custer and rode the green and yellow trail loops.  It was also 90+ degrees out not counting heat index.  We went through a lot of water.  The green loop is 8 miles, and thrashed us pretty good.  We're waiting for a cooler day to tackle the harder red loop.  Was a good 1.5-2 hours of the trails.  Then we left the recreation area and went to the National Cemetary and wandered around.  Some pics of these events can be found here.

This week... it became obvious over the weekend that all three cats had fleas pretty badly.  Who knows from where as they're all indoors.  But I bought flea shampoo, and carpet powder Monday, and gave them all a bath Monday night to varying degrees of success.

Wes came over Tuesday and went with me to take my cat Moofur and Blackjack to the vet.  Moofur needed to be dewormed since he hadn't yet since he came inside a couple months ago.  He had round worms, so he got a flea/wormer topical combo put on him and scheduled him for a snip-snip on the 31st.  Blackjack had scratched hair off because of the fleas presumably, and had been hacking/nasal discharge, so he got flea gel, and some cold medicine.  And got flea gel from the vet for Clyde as well.  Then Wes and I went to Tony's house and we all went to Battle Creek to drop Wes' bike off at Team Active for it's 30 day tune-up.  Then went to Barnes & Noble so Wes could get Terry Brooks' new Sword of Truth novel, "Phantom" and we wandered around Wal-Mart a bit in Battle Creek as well.

Wednesday, I went into Charlotte to buy groceries, and then made a carrot cake from scratch for my grandpa's birthday, and we were over there for the evening.

Thursday... Wes finished Phantom that afternoon, and came over and let me borrow it.  We were hungry, so we went to the Chinese Buffet in Charlotte.  Mmm.  That's about it I think.

Friday... Dad got the motorhome out of the one barn so hima nd mom can get ready to go to Nova Scotia next week.  Tony, Wes, and Ben came over, and we talked Dad and Nate into going to the driving range with us as well.  Hit quite a few balls.  Dad pretty much pwned us all and showed us how it's done, as we're all pretty bad otherwise, and he gave us all tips on how to improve our swings.  We were there for probably an hour to an hour and a half from 8PM on.  Nate and Dad came home, and the rest of us went to Meijer to help get stuff for at Tony's house for Saturday... hot dogs, burger, buns, chips, lots of Mountain Dew, etc.

Saturday... the big softball game at 4PM.  Last one we got together was back on May 20th.  Had 18 or so people confirmed and other unconfirmed, but ended up with 14 instead, which worked out okay, we've played with less with only 3 infielders counting the pitcher.  :D  Of course, we never start at 4PM, usually ends up more like 5PM.  Wes had his big PA speakers from his church again with Tony's laptop for music.  Andy's team was Dan, Kara (Tad's daughter), myself, Tad (works with Tony and Andy), Chris, Jason, and Andy (Tony's brother).  Tony's team was Nate (my brother), Nicole (my sister), Ben, Dustin (Tony's brother), Tim (Tony/Andy/Dustin's Dad), Wes, and Tony.  We kicked ass right off the bat, then kind of lost our mojo towards the middle, but picked it back up at the end.  Ben refused to catch or go after any balls, and Jason ended up being Ben's shadow and playing for Tony's team when he wasn't at bat or on base for our team.  We lost Chris from our team when he had to leave towards the 6th inning or so but we held on.  Beginning of the 8th had us still ahead by 9, and during the 8th Tony's team got 10 runs and mercy limit for the inning went into effect even though that only put them 1 ahead of us.  Which was too bad because in the bottom of the 8th we followed them right up with 10 runs of our own.  In the 9th, Tony's team got 3 runs, which wasn't enough to catch back up again, so we called it 28-22 and we didn't go to bat at all in the bottom of the 9th.  Overall, I thought it was a fun game though.  Got done around 7 like usual, hunted for four softballs that had been home run balls (we play on the girl's softball field at the high school, so several of us are capable of hitting it over the and rolling them into the weeds/woods), three of them we found, as well as a golf ball, and a very old baseball with no leather on it any more from who knows when.  Took the PA speakers and equipment back to Wes' church.  Then to Tony's house!  Food, gaming, fire, and more!  All of which can be seen here.  Amanda took pictures of the game using Tony's camera (over 200!), so I don't have pics of that yet, will later this week hopefully.  Left Tony's around 12:30AM I think.  Tony had been up since 4AM or so Saturday morning for work, so he was whipped.

And here I am!

Upcoming stuff... going to Silverleaf Renaissance Festival with Wes and Ben tomorrow probably.  Probably riding a few times this week, though Wes has to work every evening from 4-7 except Wednesday when he has youth group instead.  So we might just ride in town after 7, or else go without Wes somewhere else.  Wes missed Fort Custer last Sunday, so kind of want to plan the next trip there when he can go.  Tony and Andy have a band camp chaperone meeting tomorrow.  This week is otherwise open I think, but the Olivet Firemen's Festival is next Saturday and my parents leave for two weeks to Nova Scotia Saturday as well.  Ben's birthday is Sunday, and Andy and Tony leave for band camp with the high school band Sunday at noon and are gone all week.  Wes and I might go up there Thursday for the day to bug the band.  Everyone comes back Friday evening.  So maybe some riding that weekend.  Then Tony works his ass off Monday and Tuesday, because he has hernia surgery on Wednesday and will be out of commission for two weeks after that.  Which only leaves half a week to a week before Ben moves back to UMich for the school year.  Kind of sucks how few days we all have free and are capable of riding.  Maybe biking in Ann Arbor once or twice laster this fall would be in order.

So yeah, this kind of became an EpicPost™ just covering this week and upcoming events.  Probably why I haven't tried to cover everything else before that yet... just so much to remember and write down.

Onwards Patsy!


I've been meaning to do a big update of all the randomstuff lately, as it's been like 18+ weeks since I last updated, but feh.  I had this open for the last week and didn't get to it.  So instead, here's a meme.  A highly edited meme with no table or tons of data cells anymore, where the checkmarked and underlined items are now plain black text, and the blue x's are now greyed out text, which cut the size down by about 16K.

I miss somebody right now.
I don't watch much TV these days.
I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.
I love to play video games.
I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies.
I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.
I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.
I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
Collapse )

Fill it out yourself here.

Innocuous Update

There's something to be said for temporary insanity.  I know I was certainly acting crazy for about 24 hours up until last night.  And what's worse, is when you can clearly see how crazy you were acting in hindsight, and can also see how you could have handled it much differently, and probably much less detrimentally as well.  I apologize for that.  In the words of a wise individual, "such wasted insanity".  So yeah, this is a very generic idea that almost everyone can understand, while at the same time a really specific apology to one person.  Whether that person will actually read it here or not, I don't know, but I'll be repeating it directly to them when I get a chance, and probably more than once.

Two nights ago towards the beginning of the 24-hour crazy period, I was thrown for a loop by more than one person all at once, and as is often the case, my own cleverness (stupidity?) was my downfall.  I've always disliked the phrase "Ignorance is bliss.", but I think that's because I've always seen it as advocating willful ignorance and stupidity as an excuse.  And to be honest, I didn't plan on writing any of this until just now, but something I said last night early in the evening just came to me... "Being half in the dark is much worse than being entirely in the dark."  And really, that's an application of ignorance is bliss... compared to agonizing half-knowledge, being ignorant did seem like it would be bliss by comparison.  Of course, being more fully in the light is better still than being half or completely in the dark.

With that said, I'm in an amazingly better frame of mind today being more fully in the light than I was 12-24 hours ago.

Last night, the weather here decided to go a bit crazy as well.  Reached up to 57 degrees around 7:15PM... around 9:00PM it was still 52 degrees, and the thunderstorm (this is Michigan in February, wtf?) had subsided, so I got my bike out and took a ride.  Only rode a few miles to the other side of the lake and back, but it was good.  Relaxing, mind-clearing, etc.  Got back, wind picked up, temp dropped intot he mid-20's... which is where it sits now (11F counting wind chill), with a forecast of a high of 14 tomorrow... whoo!  weather.com in their infinite wisdom, loaded my local weather very slowly due to the fact they were also loading an insanely useless "Interactive Golf Guide"!  Dear weather.com, this is Michigan in February, I don't need to click any little flags to know that the golf courses are all closed, and likely to stay that way for probably severel months still.  You could have saved both yourself and I the bandwidth by simply replacing the "Interactive Golf Guide" with two words of text, "They're closed."

I actually didn't get as much sleep last night as I wanted.  Around 2:30AM I laid down, and put in Firefly Disc One to rewatch, but I don't remember much past the beginning of Serenity after the first salvage job when they land on Persephone, so I was out pretty fast.  Then, for no apparent reason (maybe, see below) I woke up at 5AM.  Nate had asked me if I was awake at 6AM to make sure he got up for work.  I laid back down, and dozed for another hour, and woke up just before 6 by chance.  Figured since I was awake, might as well make sure he got up, and let the dog out as well.  And then while I was upstairs, figured I might as well make breakfast, so I had some of the Thomas Oatmeal/Raisin/Brown Sugar bread I bought earlier in the week, some black cherry yogurt, and then made a four egg sweet onion omelette.  By this time it was about 7AM, and I gave Nate the other half of the omelette.

I came back down here around 7:30 finally, and it was about 15 minutes later that I noticed a pile of glass outside my one window.  Apparently, at some point during the night/morning (maybe what woke me around 5AM?), this retro corner wood/glass display case that I had moved outside under the porch earlier this week, decided to push a metal porch chair out of the way and topple over on the cement thereby breaking the glass enclosure on it.  Or rather, 2 sides of the triangular enclosure... one side, and the triangular hinged top seem to have survived.  On the one hand, it's a shame, as it's pretty cool stand/case, that no one can seem to find a use for.  On the other hand... eh, no one had a use for it anyway, and it can still be used as a corner stand... just no hinged glass enclosure on top now.  Good news, it was safety glass at least, so when i do go out to clean it up, it's in nice little sweepable chunks instead of nasty little slivers to haunt me barefoot in the summer.

A bit ago, I watched Gattaca again.  I really like it, the end in particular always gets me.  Thought maybe I'd fall back asleep since I'm actually really short on it right now, but didn't.  Went upstairs to think about making lunch, but I'm really hankering (what a great word) for the spiral mac and cheese that I bought.  No milk though, or even evaporated milk to fake it.  And I know I can fake it using half water/half more margerine int he place of the milk, as I've done it before, and it didn't end horribly... but eh, I want better than that.  Nate, who works in grocery, gets out at 2 though, so I figured I could hold off till he brings milk home after that.  Cheese slices and baby carrots will sustain me until then!

Also, wow, this was never meant to be an actual update.  Originally, the idea behind the first paragraph was all I had in mind, and was all I was going to post.... but look now!  Multiple somewhat (eerily) uniform paragraphs on multiple subjects and various (though boring) events!  Amazing.  I really do want to get back in the habit of updating.  I noticed I only updated like 17 times throughout all of last year... and many of those weren't real updates, wwhich I think is sad.  The problem is that I take so long to actually write an update... I've probably spent a good hour or more on just this.  We'll see.

Now though, I am pretty tired, so I think I'll put in another movie, and try to take a nap until milk gets here and I can make my spiral mac... mmm, spirals.

Harvested Goods

  • Full Metal Alchemist Volume 6
  • Firefly Complete Series
  • Serenity

  • Chainfire by Terry Goodkind (paperback)
  • Traitor's Knot by Janny Wurts (hardback)
  • Jarka Ruus by Terry Brooks (paperback)
  • The Confusion by Neal Stephenson (trade paperback)

Gift Cards:
  • $15 Meijer
  • $15 Applebees
  • $25 Barnes & Noble
  • $25 Best Buy
  • $22 winnings from lottery tickets

  • 512M stick of RAM
  • Trivial Pursuit Know-It-All Edition
  • Fluxx card game
  • A pair of black Vans shoes

... and numerous candies, beverages, etc.

Return of the Feh!

Half a month already again?

Well, not much to say.  Started actually getting replies from job apps I sent in.  Too bad all four I got responses to, were only to say they hired someone else.

Some recent events...

Tony, Nate, Jason, and I drove to Ann Arbor on the 5th to visit Ben.  Hung out with Andy and Ryan as well.  Played on Ben's computer, played Halo 2 on the LAN with other people at UMich.  Went and got pizza at some point too, though I don't plan to go to Pizza House again to pay $8 for a drink and 3 pieces of pizza.  Backroom Pizzaria across the street you can get an entire large cheese pizza and a drink for that much.

I think I did something saturday as well, but heck if I can remember.  Same goes for the week itself.  Mom and Dad were gone the Wednesday - Friday of the week before I think.  Dad had to go up to the UP for work, which is a monthly thing I think, and so Mom took the time off and went with him.

Haven't been playing much WoW the last week.  Started a new char on Lightninghoof with Doug, Chris, and some others.  We made a merry band of all dwarf paladins, and were tearing up Dun Morogh.  :D  Also made a Night Elf Druid on Durotan with Rhi and Chris, but didn't play it because I left to go to Ben's right after I created it.

I guess before I get too far, I'll catch up on October images I uploaded.

Oct 18th - The moon.
Oct 23rd - The cats on my bed.
Oct 27th - Wes and Nate returning bottles.

And then on the 31st:
01 - Snow Fence at my Grandparents
02 - Ditto, showing the whole length.
03 - Fall Colors, looking towards the field.
04 - Ditto, looking towards the road.
05 - Front yard, other side of the barn.
06 - Oranmental Bush
07 - Back yard, bird feeder, dead Morning Glory vines, and corn!

The snow fence being one of the manyt hings I helped with over there, 14 t-posts holding it up.  Image 3 is taken parallel to the snow fence, but just beyond it... you'd think that giant fencerow of pine trees would keep the snow from drifting on the driveway, and my grandparents also have all 4x4 vehicles... a Yukon XL, a Suburban, and a Silverado pickup... but hey, if they want a snow fence too, that's their choice, and if they want to pay me to put it up, that's cool too.  :D

The returning bottles image... we were all just bored.  And when we're bored, we go wander around Meijer.  And/or go to Quality Dairy for gas station hot dogs.  Although one night recently, Wes, Nate, and I went to dinner at Applebee's for the heck of it.  I had raspberry iced tea, we all got a sampler platter to share, and then I did the Take Two deal... with the 7oz sirloin (medium rare), and the honey-pepper salmon, mixed veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes.  Then the Maple Butter Blondie for dessert.  Mmm.

Last weekend, Ben came home, so we played Halo and such at his house like usual.  Friday night Nate and I rode in his car, which started sputtering probably 3.5 miles from town, then stalled.  Got it started again, and went another mile before it stalld again and wouldn't restart.  By that time we were about a mile from Tony's house, and it was downhill part of the way, so I got out and pushed to get over some small hills and we coasted down them until within a quarter mile of Tony's house which is uphill from that point.  So we called and Tony was still filming the play at the school, but Dustin was there, and he said they had a gas can with gas, so we walked the quarter mile int he dark up to the house.  By that time, I realized I had over-exerted myself pushing the car... cars are deceptively heavy, though it didn't seem so at the time.  So then while Nate walked back to his car with the gas, I threw up in the toilet a few times, and then drank a bottle of water.  Once Nate got back up to the house with his car, I was doing fine again, and switched to MD.  :D  And off we went to Ben's finally.

We ended up having Tony, Wes, Nate, Ben, and I.  Tony left at some point, and Wes a bit after that.  Nate, Ben, and I played DDR Ultra Mix for a while.  Nate and Ben on Heavy of course, and me on Beginner and sometimes Light!  I suck so horribly.  :|  Jason didn't show because he was "at a football game in Homer.", but later we found out he was really on a date.  Scary!  Ben made pizzas, was good.  Plenty of Mountain Dew as well of course.

Some more pictures... the moon on the 11th/12th:
01 - Moon over walkway light.
02 - Moon on the lake.
03 - Ditto.

Saturday we played more.  Jason was over there already when i got there shortly after 10PM.  Ate chicken nuggets and waffle fries.  Then Kayle showed up after he got out of work at Meijer, and Nate as well after getting out at Meijer and going home for a few minutes, so Ben put in two pizzas as well.  Played Halo 2.  Tony showed up around 1AM I think, and we played with 6 of us for another hour and a half.  Nate decided to leave about then at 2:30AM, and the rest of us kind of vacated shortly after as well.

When we got back home, Mom and Dad (who had gone over to my Aunt and Uncle's to help put in a new counter) still weren't home.  And they still weren't home at 4AM either.  And they didn't have their cell phones on them.  So finally we called the house itself, and found out they were playing Euchre, but were finishing up the "last hand".  Around 5AM I was getting ready to call again, when they finally got home.  Apparently they played 13 games of euchre... the first several games, the guys had only won 1 hand tot he women's 4 hands, so they kept playing to give them a chance to catch back up, and it got to 6-6, and they played one last hand as a tie-breaker, and the women won the tournament.  :D

Saturday the 12th:
01 - Moon on the lake.
02 - Ditto.

Sunday night Kayle and Wes came over, and we went into Charlotte and got subs at Subway, and walked around Wal-Mart, then walked around Meijer as well, said hi to Wes' sister, etc.

Sunday the 13th:
03 - Kayle and Wes at Subway.
04 - Weighing a gallon of water.
05 - Wes jumping hula hoop.
06 - Ditto.
07 - Kayle and Wes relaxing.

And a video too!  Check out this Elmo Action!  (XviD AVI, 2.6M)

Monday night, Wes, Kayle and I went into Lansing instead.  Went to Elderly Music, then Marshall Music, followed by World Market.  By that time, we were pretty hungry, so we drove over to grand River in East Lansing, and walked up and down GR.  Went to the top of the one parking structure to take pics, stopped at Barnes and Noble and walked around, I got the latest issue of 2600 while I was there.  Wes and Kayle got Sushi cookbooks.  Then we went down to The Parlour to eat.  I got a grilled chicken club sandwich, hot chocolate, and cheesy parlour bread.  Was good, plus we had a cute waitress.  :D  After that, went to Goodrich's which is like one of the main big grocery stores on MSU's campus.  It was around 10:45 by the time we left there, took Kayle home, Wes dropped me off right before midnight, then went home himself.

Monday the 14th in Lansing:
01 - View from the parking structure.
02 - Hot Chocolate!
03 - Need a sign?

We almost took the sign, as we figure anyone who needed a sign would do.  But we didn't really need it, so we left it behind.  They were on almost every corner going down Cedar St.

Tuesday... opening day of deer season!  Mom, Dad, and Nate all went out.  My Uncle Dave, Uncle Shawn, and cousins Jessica and Morgan as well.  Both Nate and Dad got a deer today.  Nate got a nice doe, and Dad got a 6-point.  Livers are in a bowl of salt-water in the fridge as we speak.  The deer themselves are down at my Aunt and Uncle's in the walk-in fridge/freezer.  They used to do public deer processing, but now just handle family (the new counter previously mentioned was in the meat processing/packing shop).  They won't do the processing until this weekend though, when there's more time, and after other people get a chance to get one so they can do all of them at the time.  Good thing too, the freezer was almost empty, and we eat more venison steak/roast/burger/etc than we do beef.

In not so good news, the seal around the chimney decided to leak today with all the rain, and we had water in the kitchen by the fridge.  I think Dad plans to work on it tomorrow.  And I'm supposed to help according to Mom.  I went to the store earlier, and got some MDX, and Powerade Option water because it was on sale.  And some NiMH rechargable batteries because I'm sick of buying alkalines for this digital camera when it eats them so damn fast.  One thing I noticed while buying them... Duracell NiMH batteries only have 2300 mAH, while Energizer have 2500 mAH... ooo.  So I bought the Energizer.

And as always, there's probably other events I'm forgetting, but oh well, that's what I get for not updating frequently... epic long posts, and missing content.  Ah well, I'll live.

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So ever since the other night, our cable has sucked ass.  Some sites I have as much as 87% packet loss that I've seen so far.  Web surfing is all but impossible, it's worse than dial-up.  Cable company said it's noise int he cable system and they're working on it.  Hopefully i gets fixed soon because we can't do jack online as it is.

Went to Barnes & Noble and Best Buy Friday evening with Wes.  Got Robert Jordan's Book Eleven of the Wheel of Time series while I was there.  Haven't read much yet though.  Then went to Ben's to play Halo 2 after that, stayed till 2AM or so.

Still getting over my cold.  Grandpa cancelled snow fence Monday and today.  Worked on Terry's wife Kim's laptop the last couple days.  Kim gave me an Okidata laser printer the other day as well, has some minor issues, figured I'd mess with it though.

Credit Union emailed me back, said they filled the position I applied for with someone else.  Feh.  Nate started working at Meijer though and seems to like it thus far pretty well.

Tonight Nate and Wes went with me to take Kim's laptop back.  Stopped at the college library to get espresso beverages from the cyber cafe.  The "Snickers" frappaccino is excellent.  Then we came back here, and went to Charlotte, dropped Mom's car off at the dealership to have some work done, then went to Subway to eat, and bought some junk.  Thanks to Wes for buying Subway.  :D

Hoppy B-Earth Day to Tony!

Had a weird dream last night as well.  I don't recall much of the arly portions, but I washelping out a faire/festival of sorts, and then I started flying around.  More like gliding really.  I was just like standing there, and then I'd like catch the wind and zoom way up high and kind of dive/and glide back down.  Don't know why, and I don't recall much else, but that part was awesome.

Mom is going up north with Dad for work for a few days, possibly through Saturday, so they won't be around.  Have to watch the dog and stuff meanwhile.

Oh, got a haircut yesterday too.  Had to go into Charlotte to get Kim's power cord for her laptop, and a well sample bottle fromt he Dept of Health to sample our new well again, and I've been needing a haircut.  My usual barber shop was closed with a sign saying "Back at 3PM" when I got there at 2:51 or so.  SO I waited in the car, and went back to 3:01... another older guy was waiting.  So I waited too.  Got to be 3:10 or so, and 2 other guys had come by and left again rather than wait.  Started raining...cold too, so I stepped under an awning while the older guy got in his car.  Finally got tired of waiting and went to the shop a couple doors down instead, which is where I ended up going last time because my usual place was closed then too.  They did a good job though, so I was pleased, and it was warmer than waiting outside in the rain.  :D

Stopped at Meijer ont he way home, bugged Kayle and Nate who were both working and stocked up on food for myself... got Ocean Spray White Cranberry-Peach, 6 boxes of hot pockets (Bacon/Egg/Cheese, Sausage/Egg/Cheese, 2 Chicken melt with Bacon,a nd 2 Three-Cheese Quesadilla) because they were 6/$10, a box of chocolate chip waffles (99c), and a big box of Chocolate Fudge pop tarts ($2).  Mmm, foods.

And I think that's about all I have to say.  Note: this post is wildly out of order.  Back to my bed to drink some juice, watch some anime, and cuddle up with the cat until I feel like sleeping.


Feh!  Time is wily critter.

It's been 11 days already?  It boggles the mind.  Time not only flies when you're having fun... it flies when you're not really doing anything too.

I guess this won't really be much of a post, as I really can't think of anything I've done recently.  I mean, I re-arranged my "room" at one point.  Worked on a desktop system for Terry (9959 or so copies of Win32/Netsky-P... whoo!), our neighbor Harold's laptop, and about to work on terry's wife's laptop as well.  Maybe I went to my grandparents' one day?

I do remember Friday evening, helping Dad lay the new deer blind he made sideways on the trailer he made to pull it out into the woods with the quad.  I got pinned against a workbench, Nate got cut on the aluminum edging, and Dad got his fingers pinched under it.  Fun for all!

By deer blind, I mean a 5' across hexagon shaped room on 3' 4x4 legs, with horizontal and vertical windows on 4 sides, a horizontal window on a 5th, and the door on the 6th.  The door has a latch on both inside and outside.  It has a hexagon roof as well, that is fully tarpapered, and shingled with drip edge (the aforementioned aluminum Nate got cut on).  It even has carpet.  CARPET!  The whole thing is painted dark hunter green, shingles are green shingles as well (leftover from the house).  So yeah, this thing wasn't exactly light.  We couldn't pull the quad and custom trailer onto our trailer though, so it stayed in the barn until Saturday, while Mom and Dad went to borrow Steve's big car trailer.

Saturday morning Dad made breakfast, and then we loaded it up and went to my grandparents.  Note: Mom, Dad, Nate, and I don't exactly fit in the front of the truck together.  At least, not in any legal seat-belted fashion.  Good thing Nicole wasn't home.  Then we spent most of Saturday morning and early afternoon clearing out the lane back to the woods, and the path back to where Dad wanted it.

I don't really recall Saturday night, or any other day at this point.  That's probably bad.  At least I think so.

Tuesday afternoon I know I went to Charlotte with Wes.  I also got sick later that evening, and since then, have been really congested, with sneezing, watering eyes, etc.  Definitely bleh.

Todo list: call grandpa tomorrow to see if he wants to put up the snow fence since I cancelled Wednesday due to being sick.  I still am, but not so bad I can't pound stakes in the ground.  I also want to call our cable company.  We didn't have troubles with our connection when we first got it.  Then probably a month and a half ago, our connection started going to hell every night around 12:15AM... latency playing WoW would jumped from sub-100ms to over 7000ms, making it totally unplayable.  In the last week or so, it's gotten even worse to where instead of just bad latency, our entire connection gets dropped.  Repeatedly.  The router loses it's IP and everything.  And I have no idea why.  So I'm going to call, and ask what's going on.

I want a new project to work on.  Coding, web design, whatever.  I'm stagnating, and I don't like it.  Need something to pique my interest though.  Not sure if it's worse having no project or trying to muster the energy to work on a project you aren't interested in.

I started writing this 5+ hours ago.  That was before the net melted down tonight.  My log of the play-by-play from ##level3 on FreeNode is here: http://www.medlir.com/misc/level3.log  Exciting night.  :D

And now sleep.